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Clean & Green Living

Feb 6, 2024

Have you ever found yourself standing amidst the sunscreen options, gazing at shelves brimming with choices, and pondering, "Which sunscreen is the right choice for me? What sets apart physical zinc sunscreen from chemical sunscreen, and are the chemicals truly detrimental to my health? Do they pose a threat to coral reefs?"

While it's crucial to wear sunscreen for skin cancer prevention, the challenge lies in selecting a sunscreen that not only offers confidence in safety but also provides effective sun protection.

Today’s guest, Christina Ross, is going to help us answer these questions and so much more. Christina is a senior scientist with Credo Beauty who has spent much of her career looking at the safety and regulatory landscape of consumer products, including sunscreens.  

Christina will guide us through understanding the disparities between physical and chemical sunscreens. She'll address safety concerns associated with chemical sunscreens and help us tackle the essential question: How do we choose a sunscreen that prioritizes safety?


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